Have a read of some of the things that previous patients have said following homeopathic treament:

On the death of my husband 20 years ago I was prescribed sleeping tablets and anti-depressants which I did not want to take so I saw Dr Andrew Lockie (who was both a GP and Homeopath) who prescribed homeopathic remedies which saw me through my pain without the risk of addiction. Ever since then I have used homeopathic remedies as a first port of call for every ailment. I am convinced that I recovered from my recent hip replacement much quicker with the aid of homeopathic remedies. JANE

Following a very difficult birth during which both my son and I both ended up battered and bruised and he being care for in ITU. My son was delivered by ventouse and had large open sores over his head where the skin had been pulled off during his delivery, he also was very bruised facially. After a few days in ITU we were released from hospital and returned home.
I rang Catherine who sent me a healing remedy. I had never used homeopathic remedies before and had been somewhat sceptical about their effectiveness but as I was happy to take anything that might help my recovery I took the tablets as directed.
I was subsequently discharged from the midwifeís care on the tenth day after his birth and her first question to me when she checked my sonís head was whether I had been taking a homeopathic remedy which he had benefitted from as a result of being breastfed. She said that quite often wounds such as his could take a long time to heal properly but he was looking great and the wounds were healing fabulously. I can't really question the result on a 10 day old baby and I certainly can't say it was the placebo effect that helped him recover so quickly! KAREN

The remedy has been wonderful in preventing my heaviness of head developing into a full-blown migraine and since seeing you Iíve not had one. NICHOLA